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These are vinyl decals. The item you see in the picture is the item for sale. 


Custom 4"x5" Ribbon - Caregivers Cancer Awareness -Vinyl Decal sticker . 


We offer this decal in Plum.


Colors in photos are as close to the actual color as we can get. Color variations are due to photo and screen calibration variations and we can not be held accountable for any color discrepancies. 

(If you will be purchasing multiple items from us, please add them all to your cart and purchase them all at the same time.)


Our decals are cut from premium vinyl with a 5+ year exterior life. 
These decals have no background color. Only the letters or art is seen. The wall color will be the background you apply the decal to. 
These decals will not fade like printed decals. 


Easy to install, easy to remove .


You may also use these decals on cars, trucks, laptops, windows, kayaks, boats, walls, etc. Nearly anything that has a clean smooth surface. 

4"x 5" Ribbon - Caregivers Cancer Awareness

SKU: CaregiverRibbon

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