This is a Large USPS Flat Rate Box with 20 pieces of 1/8" MDF. This material is 100% man-made and will not have wood grain to show through your paint projects. Great for Painting! Super Smooth and Flat!


There are 20 pieces in this package and will ship anywhere in the Continental United States of America. Size is listed as 11.75"x19" but is not cut with a laser, so it may be slightly different (it will be very close to the listed size).


This material is great for model making, small craft shelf projects, scroll sawing, band sawing, engraving, and pyrography (wood burning), and dollhouse making. We use this plywood with our laser and get great results.  



GF settings   Cutting    Speed 150      Power Full

1/8 Draftboard 11.75 x 19” (20 in box)

SKU: 1/8DB